Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MEM 05

After a long hiatus Middle-earth Minutes is back with episode no. 5, recounting our favorite news items from the last couple of months.

Courtesy of The Saul Zaentz Company is expecting a new Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit videogame to be out in time for Christmas.

From the the Top 5 Weirdest bands from the San Francisco Bay area includes a Tolkien inspired band - A Band of Orcs - in the #1 position. interviews Viggo Mortensen about The Hobbit, and we find the tone of the article to be a bit "fishy". Can anyone provide the full audio interview?

From Chris Bouchard, director of The Hunt For Gollum fan film: Release date is May 3rd, 2009! We, at Middle-earth Minutes, kindly ask that you wait until the 4th of May to view as to not risk bringing down the servers as we try to watch the film. Just kidding, Chris!

World Exclusive on Jackson and Del Toro talk Hobbit. Revealing the make-up of both films.

From Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun Release Party will be held online with guest Tom Shippey & giveaways!

Join us on the Middle-earth Minutes site to share your ideas on how you would like to see each film made. What should comprise the 1st and 2nd film? How long should each film be? When do you expect the announcement of a Trilogy?

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