Sunday, February 20, 2011

MEM 10: The Dunedain

More Hobbit movie news: Peter Jackson recovered quickly after emergency surgery for a perforated ulcer. Are the sacred mountains off limits to the Lonely Mountain? Are you an elf? Report for Hobbit duty as an extra. Finally a date! The Hobbit set to begin filming March, 21st.

On this episode we also discuss the Dunedain; who were they and where did they come from? Source material is taken mainly from the Silmarillion, the Lord Of The Rings Appendices and the Tolkien Gateway wiki. Excuse the mis-pronunciation of some names and the mis-represented URL to the MEM Facebook page. Actual link below.

Music this episode is the track Gollum Blues, by Marc Gunn. Taken from  Music Alley - the podsafe music network. If you play Tolkien inspired music, please upload some tracks to Music Alley and let us know. We'd love to hear it.

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