Friday, April 22, 2011

MEM 12: Longing For The Lonely Mountain

The Good Friday episode of Middle-earth Minutes with Michael and Micah.

A lot of news to cover. How much is a dragon worth? Let's just say a 14th share would suffice, according to Forbes. Elijah Wood is excited to return to Middle-earth, but is bemused that Orlando Bloom has read the whole script! Did Gimli cause Peter Jackson's ulcer? Well, Andy Serkis will help with the load. He's taken on the additional job as 2nd Unit Director. Regardless, the films will be beautiful, owing in part to being filmed at 48 frames per second. Is it true, as according to a NY Times blogger, that women don't like the Hobbit?

For our discussion this episode we piggy back on the subject from MEM 11 and continue our study on Durin's folk. We give a quick review of the events that led up to that Unexpected Party that Bilbo Baggins found himself host to. How did 13 Dwarves find themselves in Bag End, Bagshot Row? Listen to find out!

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