Sunday, May 29, 2011

MEM 14: Never Laugh At Live Dragons

A man named Conan cast as an Orc called Azog! To learn about Azog, the quintessential Orc, listen to MEM 12. Matamata will be upgrading facilities to create a "Hobbit-like feel" with the help of cold-hard cash. Even more casting news: Stephen Fry cast as the Master of Laketown, Benedict Cumberbatch casted as somebody - according to Martin Freeman, and the ladies will be happy that Orlando Bloom is officially back as Legolas! Two and a half million dollars raised for Christchurch earthquake releif during a 12-hour telethon. A man suffered injury to his nostril hair caused by an "explosion" on the Hobbit set.

Our discussion this show is about Dragons. Where did they come from? Why was Gandalf so concerned about one Smaug the Golden? How many types of dragons are there? What is the "Dragon Spell"? We talk about these and much more, including the greatest dragon ever, on Middle-earth Minutes.

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