Friday, June 10, 2011

MEM 15: The Long Lake

Mark Hadlow spills the beans on Dori? More like spills a bean. A fun read none-the-less. Peter Jackson answers the first fan question on his Facebook page; confirms the While Council and Dol Goldur will feature in the films. Titles and release dates announced for the Hobbit films. New photos of Rivendell set en route to Hobbit studios. James Nesbitt says he makes a dashing Bofur. Great photos of Czech Tolkien fans re-enacting scenes from the Hobbit. Stephen Fry talks about his role as the Master of Laketown. GeekDad article asks The Hobbit: More Awesome Or More Aweful? We know where we stand on the subject. Elijah Wood excited to return to Middle-earth in October. Peter Jackson's jet lands in Queensland. One article says "nothing to see here, folks", another says "sure looks like they're here to film." A quick map search shows, to your hosts, that they're awfully close to the Long Lake! Take a look for yourself.

No literary discussion this week in order to make room for our special guests, Father Roderick and Dave Kale of the Secrets Of The Hobbit podcast.

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