Sunday, August 14, 2011

MEM 18: Peter Loses His Andy Serkis

Gandalf among the top 10 most beloved wizards of all time. GeekDad hoping the Hobbit inspires his kids to read. Peter Jackson says the Hobbit will be more humorous. Micah's dream house is fit for a Hobbit. Absolutely beautiful screenshots from the LOTRO: Rise Of Isengard expansion can be seen here and here. James "Bofur" Nesbitt suffering from Deep Vein Thrombosis. But, don't worry, he's well enough to eat great looking Polly Burgers. Orlando Bloom, New Zealand bound. The third Hobbit Production Video finds Peter Jackson has lost his Andy Serkis as well as himself. But he encounters a White Wizard! Casting Call for Elf extras. Andy Serkis gets no respect. The Mythgard Institute is offering online Tolkien studies, and has some exciting announcements regarding partnerships with University of Wales Institute, Cardiff.

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