Sunday, November 6, 2011

MEM 22: Long Ago In The Quiet Of The World

MEM 22 featuring a much older Micah after leveling up with a between-show birthday!

In the news: Hobbits could be coming... to Otago? Hobbit are in Matamata. Hobbits reunite for 10th anniversary of LOTR films. The full press conference with Peter Jackson in Hobbiton. Sylvester McCoy takes the gag order in a seriously funny way. Luke Evans can't wait to get back to work on The Hobbit. Super set pictures from the South Island. Benedict Cumberbatch crawls around on his belly for a workout. Peter Jackson releases 4th Hobbit production video... and puts you in the action!

The links to all these stories can be found on our Delicious page, and includes the two previous episodes we recommend listening to before next time. This is really a test of sorts. Let us know if you like it.

In this episode we discuss one particular Tuesday morning at Bag End long ago in the quiet of the world.

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